About Us

CarsQuickBuy Is The Most Innovative Way To Purchase A Vehicle

CarsQuickBuy was established by e-PULSETrak.com, an automotive technology company, to ensure that all automotive shoppers can have necessary research items at hand and in order throughout the entire process, from vehicle selection to purchase. Thanks to Kevin Collins' vision, CarsQuickBuy is now the easiest and most time effective way in which to purchase or lease a vehicle.

CarsQuickBuy walks consumers through a streamlined online vehicle research, shopping, and purchasing process, thus limiting the time that he or she has to spend in the dealership down to 30 minutes or less. This streamlined process includes a trade-in valuation option, payment customization, completion of all necessary finance and purchase documents, and appointment scheduling for pick up.

Kevin has been in the automotive market for over 40 years and wanted to offer consumers the easiest method to purchase a vehicle at his or her pace, from their own place. With his vision, Kevin has now built a platform that provides the necessary research and information for consumers to purchase a vehicle entirely online.